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::: Machinery and Test Equipment

DAQSYS develops complete turnkey solutions that integrate electrical and mechanical systems with a software especially developed to achieve customer testing needs.

With experience in the development of test systems combined with the most suitable platforms and tools from NI, and electrical mechanical projects, we are able to create high-performance systems to perform temperature measurements, pressure, force, electrical quantities , NVH, among others, in order to ensure the quality of the tested product.

Main projects of machinery and equipment developed by DAQSYS:

• Cooling Systems performance tests
• Benches tests and settings of handbrake valve
• Epstein test
• Cooling test chambers
• Dynamometers
• Steering wheel test benches
• Component test benches
• Engine test benches
• Performance test systems
• Power meter accuracy testing systems


DAQSYS develops automated test systems using the LabVIEW software, creating modular and flexible solutions that suits customer needs. The focus on the user interface creates user-friendly solutions and tools that seek productivity, ease of maintenance and calibration, safety and traceability of information.

Among the software tools included in this type of solution are:

• Database Storage
• Configurable test cycles
• Register of parameters and settings
• Search and traceability tools
• Generation of standard reports
• Calibration systems
• Maintenance modules
• user access privilegies levels management

Key automated test systems projects developed by DAQSYS:

• Acoustic and vibration measurement systems (NVH)
• Hydraulic pumps characterization systems
• Data acquisition systems for impact machines
• Fridge Evaluation and auditing Laboratory
• Thermal protectors Life Test
• Functional tests, and life tests
• Parking sensors test software
• inserting force measuring software
• Traceability systems for injection pumps
• Software for calorimeter
• Laundry machines prototypes control Systems


The Industrial Vision systems are automatic machines, composed of cameras, optical elements, acquisition hardware and image processing algorithms software for machine vision. Its functions are primarily associated with assembly process inspection and quality control production lines.


• Presence and positioning of components
• Dimensional Analysis
• Barcode and Data Matrix reading
• Defects classification and characteristics
• Pattern Recognition
• Panels inspection
• Identification of folds and fissures

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