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::: Software for refrigerator test chamber

::: Description :::

The software is intended to test refrigerators in a climate chambers.

More than an acquisition system software it was designed to provide flexibility to this type of test. It allows the user to configure thermocouples channels, create groups, and saving all configuration for future use.

In order to ensure maximum flexibility in the use of the software, it perform tests according to industry standards, but also allows users to create their own routine test, which can be configured on the test step, with configurable time and possibility of finalizing the test step when the product stabilization check is achieved.

HMI allows the user to select the variables to be monitored on the screen without changing the data being stored.

It comprises a series of software routines according to industry standards:

- DataLogger - Temperature measurement (Not regulated by any standard).

- Pull-Down - NBR 12868

- Power consumption - NBR 8888

- Operation without thermal load - NBR 12869

- Classification - NBR 12870

- Freezing capacity - NBR 12877

- Temperature Retention - NBR 12878

- Start and operation at minimum and maximum voltage - NBR 12875; NBR 12876

- External Sweating - NBR 12871

- Internal Sweating - NBR 12872

- Ice generation Capacity - NBR 12873

ISO standards used as references:

ISO 5155 -93 - Household refrigerating appliances - Frozen food storage cabinets and food freezers - Characteristics and test methods

ISO 7371-95 - Household refrigerating appliances - Refrigerators with or without low temperature compartment - Characteristics and test methods

ISO 8561-93 - Household refrigerating appliances - Refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers, frozen food storage cabinets and food freezers cooled by internal forced air circulation - Characteristics and test methods

ISO 8187-93 - Household refrigerating appliances - Refrigerator-freezers - Characteristics and test methods

Additional tests can be included according to customer specification.

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::: Characteristics :::

bd21298_ Voltage, Current and Power Measurement

bd21298_ Energy consumption measurement

bd21298_ Measurement of suction and discharge pressures

bd21298_ Measurement of up to 50 temperatures per product

bd21298_ Names of thermocouple channels are fully configurable

bd21298_ Possibility to create channel groups to check stabilization and averaging

bd21298_ Procedure to create configurable test – create your own test

bd21298_ Calibration Module

bd21298_ Maintenance Module

bd21298_ Entering test parameters module

bd21298_ User Priviledges Management

bd21298_ Log occurrences

bd21298_ Possibility of integration with the climate chamber control system

bd21298_ Automatic Report Generation


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