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::: Fridge performance test

::: Description :::

The performance test system equipment is intended for quality tests of refrigerators production line. The architecture allows multiple products to be tested simultaneously, thereby enabling 100% of the production to be tested.

::: Characteristics :::

bd21298_ The system is modular and easily expandable.

bd21298_ Test simultaneously different models of the products

bd21298_ Current and power measurement with limits set by the model of the product

bd21298_ Temperature measurement with verification using the standard curve or temperature drop range curve.

bd21298_ Pass/Fail decision automatically without the need of operator analysis of the product

bd21298_ Test time configurable depeding on product model

bd21298_ Possibility of inclusion of more tests

bd21298_ Identification of model, serial number and loading parameters just by reading the product barcode.

bd21298_ Possibility of automatic selection of the product supply voltage

bd21298_ Stores results for future traceability and statistical analisys.

bd21298_ The system may also be integrated to a production line database, causing failed products to be blocked out.

bd21298_ Failed products can be released by the operator under some conditions, but this information will be stored in the database.



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