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::: Multifunctional test bench


Develop a software capable of carrying out the characterization tests of power steering drive, manufactured by JTEKT Automotive located in the city of Piraquara, Brazil. The software should interact with a multifunction bench, equipped with transducers and drive devices which allow twelve different tests be executed, each of which will produce a response curve that will be analyzed to determine some functional characteristics. The test system is located in JTEKT Engineering Laboratory which supports the development of new steering systems projects and also allows the auditing of existing products.

::: SOLUTION :::

Using the LabVIEW development software platform which runs on a computer equipped with industrial data acquisition and communication boards. The software will primarily feature the interaction with the bench controller, allowing the automation of the tests, display of results and mathematical operations of data.

::: Description :::

The JTEKT, a manufacturer of hydraulic steering drive systems for vehicles, hired DAQSYS to carry out the development of the acquisition software and control data to the multifunction bench, which was already available in the engineering lab.

The system’s software main function is the acquisition of analog variable data from pressure transducers, torque, flow, load cell and LVDT. Furthermore, the data acquisition of high frequency variables such as position of vehicle, the pin’s angle of rotation and looseness of rack.

To allow the exchange of information between the PC and the testbench’s PLC, the communication is established using the PROFIBUS protocol. Another feature of the software is to enable the user to register the products and their parameters in order to conduct the various tests.

Users can monitor the progress during the test by generating real-time graphs and digital indicators. At the end of the test results may be by tables, mathematical analysis to evaluate the result of the measurement process. After completion of the tests is possible through a report generation module, generate both MS-EXCEL format as MS-WORD the report results.

There are 12 test reports generated by the software, including:

– Rotational Torque

– Sliding Effort

– Bearing looseness throughout the course

– Static steering Law

– Dynamic steering Law

– Static streering Valve Act

– Force x Pressure

– Dynamic steering Valve Act

– Sensitivity Test

– Rack Course

– Gearing ratio

– Custom test

With the development of this software made possible the JTEKT engineering team, to obtain accurate results through tests with total flexibility to allow change in the requirements imposed by its customers, and car manufacturers.

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