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DAQSYS uses virtual instrumentation technology, which is the use of data acquisition systems with a personal computer (PC) which combined with a software transforms the PC into a highly flexible instrument with easy operation and maintenance, and low cost compared to traditional instruments. Besides the advantage of being PC-based, inherently take advantage of having the the latest technology into your instrument.

Virtual instruments are not limited only to the desktop. The industrial PCs can also be used, including PXI (Compact PCI), the CompactRIO as well as portable notebook, tablets and smartphones. Regarding the software, such virtual instruments OS are not limited to MS Windows, but are also available in MacOS and Linux. RealTime OS can be used in situations where the system requires reliability, ruggness and determinism.

Virtual instruments represent a fundamental change based in instrumentation systems from  hardware-centric to software-centric that exploit the computing power, productivity, display, and connectivity capabilities of the computers. With virtual instruments, engineers and scientists build measurement and automation systems that meet exactly the requirements defined by the user, instead of being limited by a fixed instruments functions, defined by the instrument manufacturer. Besides that, the automation of testing procedures, eliminates the possibility of human error and assures consistency, and do not introduces unexpected or unknown variables.

The virtual instrumentation technology also enables that test systems development for laboratories, can be implemented partially or fully in manufacturing systems, allowing them to set standards tests for the entire company, including worldwide subsidiaries.

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